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July 24th, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary Amiga!!!!!
We are pleased to announce and introduce the launch of our official website www.theamigaman.com

Currently the site is in development. However there will be more content and features forthcoming within the coming Weeks and Months. We hope to make this site rich with content.

We are passionate about the Amiga platform! Nowhere will you find more pervasive community that is as creative as it is resourceful.

We are often asked “what is your target market” to which we reply: “We think there IS a market for people that want a very efficient OS that is user friendly yet also one that is unique and that is departure from the norm”.

What people new to the platform or “just looking” May not know is that there is many developments happening right now such as a new modern browser named Timberwolf that is based on the popular browser Firefox. In addition to this there is new Amiga programs being announced and released on a regular basis. There is also new “next generation” Amiga hardware being released from both Acube and A-EON bringing the Amiga Platform to more modern spec.

To help celebrate the 25th Amiga Anniversary we are including a coupon in our store for "The Amiga Man Bundle" just type in "amiga25" in the cart and get $50 off! In addition we have also decided there will be NO shipping charges on this bundle from July 24th 2010 until August 31st 2010.

The Amiga Man is an official Acube dealer in the Continental USA Only.

Thanks for looking and please stop by often!

Contact information:

9218 Metcalf
Suite 333
Overland Park KS 66212
July 24th 2010, Essen, Germany


Today is the
25th Anniversary of the Amiga computer. Revolutionary for its time and WAY ahead of everything else.

The event is being celebrated at the 25 Jahre Amiga event in Essen, Germany. Please click the pic above for more info on the event!


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The Amiga Man